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Anicee's Digital Existence

25 August
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About Me
Hmm… this whole autobiographical thing is hard to narrow down.
I like to consider myself a relatively creative person who thinks outside the box more than in. I suppose everyone says that in one way or another, so avoiding the cliché is difficult.

I am a music lover.

As a teenager my life was consumed with concerts, going to see local bands, jelly bracelets, and Aqua Net.

At the age of 17 I started my first (one of two) local music magazine with my friend Marie. That started a whirlwind of events in my life that all surrounded the regional music scene. On and off for almost a decade that was what I did, and more often than not, ALL I did.

There are enough stories from that time in my life to write a library of books, but not nearly enough space here. Let's just get in with the clichés again and say, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." :)

Since then I've taken to web design, and various other computer based creative projects.

Anyway, I'm a long winded individual, and keeping this as brief as it is has been difficult. Finding a way to sum everything up has been a real challenge. So rather than continuing and making it more difficult I am going to close for now.
Brushes & Graphics Rules
Ok, as some of you know I've started publishing my Photoshop 7 brushes, icons, and various other works on my journal, and throughout several communities.

I do this because I enjoy making the graphics. I have been webmistress, and one of 3 content providers over at Digital-Beauty.net since May of 2002. I'm a fan of LJ, so I thought I would start participating graphically here, as well.

There are some basic rules for using my stuff.

2.] Give me credit.
When using any of my icons credit me in the Keywords/Comments area of your icon page.
When using any other content (such as brushes) credit must be placed on either your userinfo page or a resources page that is easily accessible.

2.] Feedback.
When I post something useful to you, please comment, and let me know what you're taking (for instance, if I post brushes and image packs, let me know which you take. Or if I post several different icons, let me know which icons you took). It's not solely an ego boost (though it does feel good to realize that someone likes what you're providing), but it also allows me to get an understanding of what works and what doesn't.

Other than that...just have fun. Also, feel free to contact me and show me what you've created with the content I've provided. That's always a positive in my book! ;)

***For a list of credits (other people's brushes, etc) that I've used, please visit my credits page
Graphic Links
Feel like linking my journal? Want a graphic to do so? Well, here ya go! :)
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